Introduction to Keno Game

Most online casino players have heard about keno, but some of them haven't played it at all. If you are among those players, then you have nothing to worry about. The game is simple and straightforward to play. For more related articles, check out .


What is Keno?

Keno is one of the most popular casino games in the gambling industry. As a new keno player, you need to understand how the game is played. But first, "what is keno?". Keno is a game where you select numbers, which are later placed on a card.

After that, some numbered balls are drawn automatically, and you can only win based on how many numbers you matched. The numbers balls are drawn out in various ways, each with a different payout and combinations. However, this is just a simple description of the keno game.

The Keno Card

Keno cards have several variations, but they all follow the same principles. Most keno games consist of number 1 to 80. The numbers you can choose depends on the game, but generally, you can choose 2 and 10 or 1 and 15 numbers on the Keno card.

Keno Game Rules

The rules of keno games are easy and straightforward. First, you need to choose your preferred keno. Then choose the numbers you want. Once that is done, wait for the number to be drawn. If your number match, then you won. The higher the match, the higher the payout.

Keno Game Payouts

Before playing keno, you need to familiarize yourself with the payouts. Each combination of numbers you pick has a different payout. So, we recommend that you research the game payout. Also, note that increasing the number of picks does not actually increase your chances of winning.

Types of Keno Card

There are various types of a keno card, which you need to familiarize yourself with before you commence play. What differentiates these cards from each other is the way you choose your number. So, let's discuss some of the variants of keno card available at an online casino.

A Keno Straight and Split Card

Keno straight card is one of the most popular and common types that you will come across at most online casinos. This type of keno card is the standard card, where players are required to pick the number they want. Just choose your number and play the round.

Keno split card let you bet on more than one set of number during the same game. You need to mark the numbers you prefer, and then draw a line between the two sets of numbers. On this card, your bet will be double compared to a straight card.

Other Types of Keno Card

Way card is another variant of keno card. Unlike a split card that allows two sets of numbers, way card let you bet on several group of numbers. You need to choose your number and draw a circle around each set. Others include top/bottom card, combination card, etc.

The Final Verdict

Keno game is one of the popular games available in most online casinos. And as a new player who is just getting started with this incredible game, you need to understand the basics. As such, we recommend that you practice with the demo version before playing it real.